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Warning:  I’m no longer an Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide.

Plexus Worldwide has changed focus from people to profits.  It is my opinion that with the formula changes in or around December of 2013, the Plexus Slim pink drink no longer works for weight loss.  As a result of these changes I’ve decided to move on and am no longer able to offer Plexus Slim to my customers.  For more information on a newer and better weight loss solution, please visit

Information below this paragraph regarding the Plexus Slim pink drink no longer reflects the current Plexus Slim weight loss product.  Plexus Worldwide has changed the formula for the Plexus Slim pink drink.  Plexus Slim is not “all natural” as the label on the bag suggests.  It never has been.  Plexus Slim contains plydextrose which, by definition, is synthetic.  The new Plexus Slim no longer contains hoodia or grapeskin.

Burn fat and inches, not musclePlexus Slim Pink Drink

  • Natural ingredients
  • No added stimulants
  • No meal replacements
  • No shakes
  • No artificial sweeteners

When the Plexus Slim Pink Drink is used as part of a daily hydration regimen it promotes…

  • Loss of weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Healthy will power over food choices
  • Free radical scavenging (reduces oxidative stress)

Review of Key Ingredients

Here is a copy of the ingredient list found on the Plexus Slim package.

Plexus Slim Ingredient Label
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Citrin K (Garcinia Cambogia)

Garcinia Cambogia has been around for a long time and is found in many weight loss supplements.  This supplement is not only good for weight loss but helps emotions as well.  Garcinia Cambogia not only helps with fat loss, it helps discourage the body from making new fat cells.

Dr. Oz gives an excellent presentation with regard to how Garcinia Camgogia works.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is an antioxidant and it helps it turn carbohydrates into energy.  It can also help regenerate other antioxidants.

There are a few studies of alpha lipoic acid and weight loss.  In one study, published in 2011, alpha lipoic acid was randomly given to 360 obese people for 20 weeks.  Half got a placebo and half got alpha lipoic acid (either 1200 mg/day or 1800 mg per day).  Those getting alpha lipoic acid lost more weight than those who got the placebo.  Basically, over the 20 weeks, people lose about 2% of their body mass.


According to the Office of Dietary Supplements (National Institutes of Health), Chromium is a mineral we require in trace amounts.  Chromium is also known to enhance the action of insulin.

Chlorogenic Acid

According to Pubmed, Chlorogenic Acid has anti-obesity properties.Studies have been done with feeding high fat diets to rats.

Lo Han Extract

Lo Han Extract used in Plexus slim is there primarily for sweetening and taste.


Stevia is a natural sweetener often used in health foods.


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    I am in, severe pain daily and have been for years. Nothing seems room help. Do you have samples I can try?

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