What does Plexus Slim Cost?

How much does Plexus Slim Cost?

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The price or cost of Plexus Slim is probably one of the most frequently questions we get asked about the Plexus Products.  Many people want to lose weight and take back their health.  But what does Plexus Slim ultimately cost?  Most people want to know if Plexus Slim comes with any special foods, diets, or exercise programs.  The good news is, the Plexus Weight Loss program is one simple pink drink.  No costly food or special diets.

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Since you’re paying for a simple weight loss supplement and not the added prices of fancy food, the cost of Plexus Slim versus other weight loss programs is quite reasonable.  Much less than most of the popular weight loss solutions advertised on television.

Plexus Slim Coupons and Discounts – Preferred Customers Save 15% to 25%

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There are a number of ways to save money with Plexus Slim.  The easiest way to save money on  your Plexus is to become a Preferred Customer.  Plexus Preferred Customers save 15% on their first order.  This discount is then increased to 25% once you’ve been buying regularly for 3 months.  Preferred Customers agree to a monthly auto order in return for their 15% discount.  This monthly order may be changed or canceled at any time after 15 days have passed since the original Plexus order was placed.

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Save more and earn rebates with the Plexus Ambassador program!

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I joined the Plexus Ambassador program to help offset the costs of my Plexus Slim each month and to earn a little money on the side.  In addition to receiving 25% off retail pricing, Plexus Ambassadors are eligible to earn commissions and rebates based on personal purchases and sales.

If you’re buying Plexus Slim for two or more people, your cost will be the lowest with the purchase of an Ambassador Welcome Pack.  Maintain a monthly order and you will be eligible to receive additional rebates of up to 25%.

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3 Reasons I Chose Plexus Slim

There are a multitude of weight loss programs out there.  This can make it difficult to decide which one is best.  A good friend introduced me to Plexus.  I decided to start the Plexus Slim weight loss system for these three reasons.

1 – Plexus Slim is simple

Plexus Slim:  #1 weight loss systemOne pink drink a day.  Simply mix the packet of crystals with water, shake, and enjoy.

The official directions say to take Plexus Slim one half hour before your biggest meal.  I usually take mine in the morning around 11:00am.  Those using the optional Accelerator capsule should take their product at this time as well.

2 – Natural Ingredients

Plexus products are made from natural ingredients.  Not only does this make for a very high quality product, it also means Plexus is free of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda (aka sucralose) or Aspartame.  (Other research I’ve done indicate that both Splenda and Aspartame are ultimately toxic and may actually encourage weight gain.)

3 – Plexus Slim helps with blood sugar

Many weight loss programs focus on shakes and meal replacements or require the purchase of expensive food.  Plexus has a unique approach when it comes to weight loss:  Help regulate blood sugar.

diabetic safeRegulate blood sugar and not only will you lose weight but other health conditions will improve.  Those who have blood sugar problems will always struggle to lose weight.  Not only is Plexus Slim diabetic-friendly, it has potential to improve diabetic symptoms.

3 Ways to Get Started with Plexus Slim

  1. Join Plexus as an Ambassador.  This was the best deal for me was Welcome Pack H because it gave me three months of Slim and Accelerator for the price of two.  Three months is the minimum I would want to be on any weight loss program anyway.
  2. Shop Plexus as a Preferred Customer.  Preferred customers receive a 15% discount compared with retail in return for setting up a monthly autoship.  The monthly order may be canceled any time after 15 day have passed.
  3. Shop Plexus as a Retail Customer.  No obligations.  Buy as much or as little as you want.



Enjoy Plexus Slim – Hot or cold

Recently one of my new customers asked if the Plexus Slim pink drink could be made as a hot beverage. In the nearly two years I’ve been involved with Plexus, this is the first time this question had been asked.

pink-drinkThe official directions for Plexus Slim say to mix the crystals with 12 – 20 oz (355 – 590) ml) of water, shake and enjoy. Do this 30 minutes before any meal or mid-morning if using with Accelerator.

The first thing I thought of is, “Are there any ingredients in Plexus Slim that could be compromised by heat?”

A quick check with Plexus Customer Service revealed that Plexus Slim is indeed safe to prepare as a hot beverage. If you wish to prepare Plexus Slim as a hot beverage, I recommend heating the water in an electric kettle or coffee maker.

I recommend against using a microwave for two reasons: The microwave has potential to heat the water hotter than expected; microwave radiation has potential to destroy or decrease the nutritional value of the Plexus Slim.

One of the benefits of preparing Plexus Slim using hot water is the crystals dissolve completely. Whereas when Plexus Slim is made with cold water, there is usually some sediment left behind that doesn’t completely mix in.

Last week I discovered that Plexus Slim made as a warm beverage is very good for helping with stuffy or clogged sinuses.  Having woken up one morning with a stuffy nose and bit of a head cold, my wife suggested I make my morning Slim warm instead of cold as I usually have it.  She was right.  Drinking Plexus Slim as a warm beverage seemed to help my throat and sinuses.  Whether any of the ingredients in Slim have a direct benefit or not I have no idea but having a warm beverage certainly helped.

Next time you prepare your Plexus Slim, make it hot and leave your comments below. I look forward to your feedback.

Goal reached: Outsourcing lawn mowing and snow removal

I’m a very strong believer in setting goals.  I see goals as dreams with a deadline.  For Plexus, my goals fall into two main categories:  Weight loss and financial.  One financial goal for my wife and me was to outsource lawn mowing in the summer and snow removal in the winter.

A month or two ago we discovered Jayden, a 12-year-old young man with a lawn mower and weed trimmer.  Jayden had a poster near our community mailbox advertising his services.  Lawn mowing starts at $25.00; weed trimming is an extra $5.00.

Our yard is fairly small and easy to maintain.  Jayden brings his own mower and weed trimmer.  He is usually done with in an hour.  My wife and I have the satisfaction of a yard that looks great and Jayden has some pocket money.


Palace Cinema in LEGO

By this point I know some of you are thinking, “Why on earth would I pay some kid $30.00 per hour to cut grass when I can do it myself for free?  Or get my kid to do it”

Tara and I do not have kids, so that option is out.  (Besides, kids cost money and having one around for lawn mowing and snow removal hardly seems practical.)

Part of the reason I joined Plexus Worldwide was so that I could spend more time doing what I like and less time doing what I dislike.  It’s not that I dislike cutting grass and trimming weeds it’s there are things I enjoy much more.  Such as feeding my LEGO habit.

On a more serious note, having Jayden cut our grass also frees me up to do other things that help generate cash flow.  One hour of me on the telephone helping my team and customers is worth more to me than saving the cost of having the grass cut.  As is spending one hour with a prospective business partner.

Side Effects

There are some very serious side effects to having Jayden keep our yard neat.  The biggest for me is not having to worry when we’re on holidays or otherwise out of town.  It feels great to come home to a freshly mowed lawn.  Seeing a grassy jungle when I come home adds to my stress level as it is one more thing to take care of.that may have been neglected while I was away.

Next benefit is my back doesn’t hurt as much.  The Plexus Pain Products do a wonderful job but less physical stress for me is better.

Pain-free in 3 days

For a good part of my adult life I have suffered from some sort of back pain.  I am not fully sure how it all started.  When I was in my mid 20s I was jerked off an inner tube that was being pulled by a Jet Ski.  Twice I have been rear-ended while driving my automobile.  One time another vehicle turned left in front of me and I hit them at 60 km/h.

The result of all of this is upper and lower back pain.  It is mostly noticeable when I want to fall asleep at night or first thing in the morning.  I visit a chiropractor one to two times a month.  Massage therapy also helps.

Plexus Fast Relief Capsules & Cream

Fast Relief Capsules & Cream

A while back Plexus introduced a line of natural pain relief:  A cream and a capsule.  The active ingredient in both is Lyprinol.  Liprinol comes from the Green Lipped Mussel of New Zealand.  It is a natural pain reliever.  Both my wife and me have enjoyed benefit from using the Fast Relief Cream.

Things were going okay with the Fast Relief Cream and Capsules and I was seeing benefit.  Last month Plexus announced an addition to their line of pain relief products:  Nerve Health Support.  I bought three bottles to test.

For the past three days, I have been taking two of each of the regular Fast Relief Capsules and the new Nerve Health Support Capsules right before bed.

This morning when I woke up I realized I wasn’t sore!  This is the first time in a long time I have felt this way.

In the instructions I was given I was told that I could expect it to take up to a month before the Nerve Health product would take effect.  This is because nerves take time to heal and heal very slowly.  Whether it is specifically nerve pain I suffer from or not, I am not sure.  What I do know is when I use the Plexus Fast Relief products before bed, I feel much better in the morning.

Last minute trip to Regina

Yesterday afternoon my wife called to check up on her parents who are traveling.  She learns that Dad had a fall and a broken hip.  He is in the Regina hospital which is nine and a half hours from our home near Edmonton.

Upon hearing this news, I immediately ask, “Do you want to go see him?”

“Of course I do but…” was her response.

“But what?” I respond, “You know I can help customers as long as I have my laptop and cell phone.  And it’s my dream to have the freedom to take off last minute.”

Within 30 minutes Tara, her cat, and I were packed and in in the truck.

I am now in a hotel in the middle of the Saskatchewan desert.  Likely for the next five to six days. My business is still growing and my wife gets to spend quality time with her parents.  It’s a win for everyone.

Thanks to Plexus I have flexibility and options that would not be there if I were working a regular job.


Down 10 pounds

So far I am…

  • down 10 pounds.
  • able to fit into two other pairs of dress pants that I had had to set aside because they were too tight.


Getting Started with Plexus Slim

I have known about Plexus Slim for a few months now thanks to my good friend Bill in Louisiana.

Recently I went to put on a pair of dress pants and had a bit of trouble getting them on.  It was a pair of pants that I though I had been wearing fairly regularly.

The bathroom scale is not the best way to measure progress regarding weight however it is one of the easiest.  I was not happy with the fact the display read 274.  Seems only recently I was at 240.

Time to start making some changes.