Thank-you for your interest in our natural weight loss program. I am Gary Cameron, former Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide.

Likely you are here because you struggle with weight and possibly other health challenges. You want to do something about it. If this is indeed the case, we have a few things in common.

Like many people, I’ve struggled with my weight for many years. There have been times that it seems no matter what I do, the pounds keep packing on.

Back in the fall of 2011 I went to put on a leather belt my father made me when I was a teen. It wouldn’t fit. Over the years I had Dad punch new holes in the belt. This time I realized that this was not the solution to my problem. Besides, the belt won’t accommodate any new holes.

I have known for a long time that most of our health problems are a result of what we eat, drink, and breathe. Theoretically this problem should be something I can fix, right? Not quite so easy. Though I eat fairly healthy I felt I was missing something. A key ingredient if you will.

A good friend of mine had been using this weird pink drink and I knew he was losing weight. He also seemed to be making a bit of money on the side. This guy was on to something. Enter Plexus Slim!

Plexus Slim is a powder that you mix with water, shake, and enjoy. This seemed too good to be true. Could I really lose weight with one tasty pink drink a day with no meal replacements or other complicated routines?

I decided to go for it. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. Fast-forward a few weeks and I discovered the answer was yes! Not only was I losing weight but I was sleeping better too. My size 46 pants are now too big for me.

For the first two years things went well.  I was losing weight and making money with Plexus Slim.  Then all of a sudden in November of 2013, all things Plexus came to a screeching halt:  I received an empty box bearing the very familiar Plexus Slim logo.  In place of my product was a nasty warning that Canada Customs had seized my latest shipment and that I could be prosecuted if I tried again to import an endangered plant known as Hoodia.

By mid-January of 2014 Plexus had reformulated Slim.  The new formula was hoodia-free and also no longer contained grapeskin extract.  This fixed one problem:  Compliance with Health and Environment Canada regulations.  But created another problem:  I was receiving reports from customers that Plexus Slim was no longer working.

January of 2014 was a record month for me for Plexus sales and commissions.  February represented a 20% drop in sales along with a record number of return requests.  From February onward I watched as my Plexus sales and income dropped steadily.

On May 31, 2014 Plexus introduced a new product:  X Factor Family Chewables.  A close look at the ingredient list for this product reveals it contains a potentially toxic sweetener known as sucralose and two petroleum based fake food dyes known as FD&C Red Lake #40 and FD&C Blue Lake #1.  Plexus releasing a chewable vitamin aimed at children containing ingredients known to cause issues with certain medical disorders pretty much confirmed for me that Plexus and I no longer share the same vision or idea as to what makes a healthy product line.

Fortunately there is good news:  Allow me to introduce you to TruVision Health.  A company dedicated to wellness and weight loss using products with natural ingredients.  This is what Plexus started off as, the main reason I joined Plexus and the main reason I’ve left Plexus.

Wishing you the best on your journey to better health.


Gary Cameron, former Plexus Ambassador #80438

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